1. The team leader (or their admin) begins the registration process by filling out the form to the right. The Team Profile is $19.95 for up to 20 participants.
  2. The will be a form where team leader will list each team member, as well as their email address. When all members of the team are listed and the user clicks submit an email will be sent to each team member, giving them a customized link to take the inventory. An email will also be sent to the team leader informing them of this, and encouraging them to sent out a reminder to each team member to complete the inventory.
  3. The SixStyle website will send a reminder to those who have not completed the inventory after 4 days, and a final reminder to any remaining members who have not completed the inventory after 7 days. The team leader will also receive a notice after 4 and 7 days of any team members who have not finished their inventory, so they can encourage the remaining team members to get their inventory completed.
  4. The final report will be completed and sent to the team leader once all team members have completed their inventories, or after 10 days, whichever comes earliest. The final team report will be reproduced by the church or organization, and distributed to each team member when the group meets to debrief the team report.
The Team Report is $19.95 for up to 20 participants.
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