God can use your unique gifts, passions and personality to help you become a better leader. While personality inventories can help you understand your temperament, the model designed by leading church planter David Olson is designed to form fruitful Christian leadership. Olson's model reveals how three factors - spirituality, chemistry and strategy - work together.

The twenty-four short chapters of this book are ideal for individual reflection with questions for individual discovery and bonus online activities. The book also includes all the tools you need to take your ministry team through this assessment. They will lead you deeper into this robust model for Christian leadership.

"David Olson has given the church and its leaders a gift. With a method that is easily understandable, and yet quite profound, leaders are given new lenses to understand their ministry style. These new perspectives not only enable leaders to better serve the church but also to take concrete steps, in concert with the Spirit, to refine their ministry stance. I highly recommend this book for leaders and leadership teams. The insights gained and acted on will further the work of Christ in the world."
- Kurt Fredrickson, associate dean, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Leadership matters, and accordingly, there are many books on leadership. What makes this book stand apart is both its simplicity and its profundity. By focusing on the three core elements of spirituality, chemistry and strategy, this book doesn't just detail what leadership is, but rather helps its readers engage in an important journey of examination and introspection of one's own leadership style. This book is a gift to leaders and to the larger church." - Eugene Cho, pastor, Quest Church, Seattle, Washington, and founder of

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